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Best rated ISO agent program program and merchant services jobs in the US

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Detailed ISO agent program program and merchant services careers US: Portfolio Dashboard: For easy residual audits and 100% transparency. How sure are you that your current processor is paying you everything you are owed? With our ISO merchant account dashboard you can audit your residuals all the way down to the transaction level! You can see what your merchant paid for a specific transaction, what the expense was and how much you were paid. You can pull the merchant’s statement and compare. With 100% transparency, you can spot check whenever you want so you can be confident in building a portfolio with us. Read even more information at how to become a digital payments expert.

Every merchant can agree that customer experience is a key factor in the expansion of any business. However, one of the identifiable points in brand abandonment by customers that employ online payments methods is the risk of frauds and other forms of breaches. With technological advancements at their peak, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep out unwanted hands from businesses. One of the advantages of electronic payment system enabled by innovative technologies such as Blockchain technology is the ability to track customer’s behavior and flag anomalies through transparency and data tracking.

Top Benefits of North American Bancard’s Agent Program: Lifetime Residual Income. Earn residual income on merchant accounts placed with North American Bancard. Agents have a buy rate of 1.5 cents over interchange. Anything over this is profit and that profit is split 50/50 with North American Bancard. With North American Bancard Agent Program you will receive the most aggressive residual split in the industry. Be careful of other processors that offer a higher residual split.

To analyze volumes of customer data, merchants are required to take the painstaking process of securing, storing and minimizing erroneous risks into consideration – all of which are viewed as arduous for businesses of all sizes. Today, technology has revolutionized this process by providing online payment systems capacious to deal with volumes of customer data and details. These systems are equipped with key functionalities for data storage, security and maintaining regulatory compliances when the need arises.

What’s the role of a merchant service provider? Merchant service providers act as an intermediary to streamline and secure the payment process between businesses and their customers. Money can come from multiple sources, including debit and credit card payments, bank transfers, and online payment gateways, but a business deals with one channel to ultimately receive their money: the merchant service provider.

Rates and Fees: Usually this is the focus point of any merchant account application and the first question you’ll be asking your provider. Please see Rates & Fees and Interchange Rates Explained for more information. You should know that for all EEA (EU/UK) based companies, doing business within EEA, the EU Commission has lowered the interchange fees down to very low numbers (0.20%-0.30%). On top of interchange fees, the Card Scheme Fee and Acquirer/Provider’s margin are added. The most transparent and »fair« way to be charged for your captured card payments is the interchange++ rate model where you can clearly see a breakdown of exact interchange, CSF and margin. Typical rate is Interchange++1.00%; or 2-3% blended.

If you’re ready to up your sales game and enroll more merchants, look no further than the North American Bancard Agent Program. You’ll earn great bonuses, have a lucrative program to sell, and have the marketing and customer service support you’d expect out of a top-of-the-line program. Find out how you too can get the sales you want from your program and become an NAB affiliate. See more details on

Since we are discussing the career of selling merchant accounts, it is imperative that you know the kind of businesses you can easily target by leveraging the power of the cash discount program. Virtually all types of businesses will be happy to work with you if they are currently paying fees for credit card transactions from their own pockets. We summarized all types of businesses you can target in three categories. These are the businesses that purely sell physical goods like a gift shop or a grocery store. These businesses also process a massive amount of credit card transactions every month and likely pay hundreds of dollars in fees.