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Posts tagged as “software”

Data recovery for Mac free

Marian Vasilescu 0

There are a number of Mac data recovery software options available, find out which data recovery app can recover the lost or deleted files on your Mac hard drive, SSD,…

Blockchain development in health business

Marian Vasilescu 0

Health Information Exchange is another time-consuming and complicated process that leads to high healthcare cost. According to 2016 Breach Barometer Report, 450 breach incidents occurred but information was only available…

Permissioned and Permissionless Blockchain Development

Marie Poppins 0

A blockchain is a database with user-distributed validation. If youve ever heard of Bitcoin, youve seen one of blockchains biggest current applications. Through our workshop, youll develop a deep understanding…

LeewayHertz ICO services

John Concrane 0

We are an end-to-end ICO services provider for all types of cryptocurrency startups. We do a 2-week sprint with you and your team to kickstart development and marketing efforts to…

desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles con

Patrick Moreau 0

Huelga decir que todos los propietarios de productos de software quieren crear y lanzar una aplicaci√≥n de √©xito, no la que se pierde en un mar de competencia donde todos…

Endorphina programming a casinos software

Marian Vasilescu 0

The EiG show in Berlin was a massive success this year. After a full year, it was a pleasure to be back in Berlin for the second time to share…