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Graffiti art in Sydney

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Looking to find graffiti art in Australia? Your imagination can run wild and why wouldn’t it when there a level of creative flow within all of us. Urban art has never been more popular than it is in contemporary times; murals on community spaces, walls of corporate buildings, businesses and organisations, even hospitality venues and the home space are becoming an increasingly common way to jazz up wall space.

Graffiti history cool thing to know : Two factors condition the development of mural decoration in the Baroque style of the 17th century. One is the enormous building enthusiasm engendered by the Counter-Reformation, particularly through the Jesuit order. The other is the importance given to palaces and homes of the ruling aristocracy throughout Europe as the centres of society’s cultural life. The roots of the style are to be found again in the work of the Renaissance masters but as interpreted and taught by the new institution of the Academy (e.g., that of the Carracci at Bologna, Italy, and the French Academy, founded in 1648). Its development can be followed from the allegorical decoration of the Palazzo Farnese in Rome by Annibale Carracci to the increasingly elaborate wall and ceiling frescoes of Domenichino, Pietro da Cortona, and Andrea Pozzo whereby the dramatic movement of foreshortened figures and perspective blends with the architecture to achieve a total unified and endless illusion of space.

Our graffiti artists create unique wall murals for businesses and homes. Blackbook Ink has a team of artists Australia wide. Our team liaise closely with clients to not only determine the correct style or art work but to produce unique art works to suit their needs. Take a look at our portfolio for some examples of previous wall murals and graffiti art ideas we have painted. This selection is not exclusive the style can range from realistic to edgy street art but is only limited by the client and artist’s imagination. See extra details at Perth Graffiti Artists.

Do I need to provide a design or do you do it? We prefer to design and paint all of our artwork. If you have a design you would like then we can discuss this. Though changes will generally have to be made to the client supplied design for various reasons. We encourage our clients to provide us with reference images of artwork you have seen. That you like and we can provide a concept for you based from, but please note we do not paint other artists work/images.

Working with our client’s brief our project managers will develop a strategy that delivers maximum exposure for each campaign that helps you tell your story. Guests will be amazed by some of the world’s most talented graffiti artists. If you’re hosting a conference, product launch, festival or any kind of event, our live art entertainment will definitely captivate your guests. Live Art to Entertain and Inspire: Our dynamic graffiti artists work quickly to create street art that grows and evolves throughout your event. See additional details on Murals painted in Perth.