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Several tips to repair your mobile phone

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You should always remember the manner in which you had dismantled the phone because when you start reassembling the same, you will have to go exactly in the reverse manner or else you will miss something and unnecessarily waste your precious time. Earlier it was sort of difficult as we had all types of handsets such as flippers and sliders. But nowadays, handsets are very much a piece of cake for disassembling and reassembling.

Also while disassembling and assembling, you should be extra careful about the LCD as it is the most delicate part (and the most expensive part!) in a cell phone.

You can learn all the skills needed to repair iPhones and other smartphones by enrolling into Prizm Institute’s cell phone repair training course as well. The training starts from basics and goes up to troubleshooting of various faults.

As cell phones today are becoming indispensable, everyone wants them to be fixed as soon as possible; people aren’t willing to wait longer. With all their crucial data inside, it also becomes difficult to substitute a temporary phone or tablet. Hence if you want your business to grow and earn a good reputation while you’re at it, you will have to be quite resourceful to achieve this quick service. If you want your business to be a professional one, automation of the entire process is necessary. There is a lot of exclusive software available for cell phone repair businesses which cover stocks of spares, repair status, profits/losses, inventory and many more. Some of them also have the option to send automated text messages to clients informing them about the progress of the handset given in for repairs.

iPads, tablets, Macbooks, and laptops can all suffer from accidental damage that can disrupt your students’ studies and potentially have a large impact on your school’s budget. Check the interesting school programs we offer. Extra Info at Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney – Oz Phone Repairs

On-site Mobile Phone repairs in Sydney available – We come to you and fix your phone’s broken screen on the spot,at your home or an office, available up to 30km from CBD Don’t have time during the day? That’s fine,we work till 7 pm every day, just call us and organize a repair, it’s that simple.

Water Damage and Data recovery – With more than 15 years of experience in mobile phone electronics there is no better chance for your liquid damaged phone or tablet .And with No fix No Fee Policy you can be assured we try our best.

Battery Replacements – Is your phone dying on you ? Has it become a land line? We can quickly change battery on most of the current models and quickly have you back on the road. Talk to the specialists, talk to us.

Data Recovery – No power, not charging, buttons not working, can’t hear anything? We do specialize in all repairs.Get a quote and get it fixed. Check our Google reviews to see who the real pros are

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