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Improve your marketing power with explainer videos

John Concrane 0

Premium animation videos creators? No marketing video can reach peak effectiveness without solid branding backing up whatever its message happens to be. Regardless of what you are trying to say in any given piece, viewers need to know that it came from you – and remember it! – or your efforts will often amount to little. The thing is that, more often than not, effective branding should go unnoticed. Overtly pushing your brand on your viewer’s face will turn them quickly from your content, defeating its purpose. It’s a delicate balance that often makes branding on live-action pieces challenging, but on marketing cartoons, branding is not only simpler and more seamless but often much more effective as well. Branding elements – like your company’s logo and color palette – can be used as part of the animation to subtly and subconsciously reinforce your message and company’s image. All without sacrificing the piece’s quality or taking away from your core message or purpose for the piece, but rather adding to it instead!

A vital step is to add suitable sound or music effects to the animated explainer video. Sound effects give life to the video and allow the imagination of audiences to interact with it. Create the animations or find a professional. Make it short in length? There’s no good in making a lengthy and extensive animated explainer video. Best results come from short and comprehensive animated videos. Use 30, 60 or 90 second videos for maximum impact.

For brands its essential to recognize that video content is the most preferred content type on social media these days, and since 73% of consumers claim that a brand’s social media presence and activity affected their purchasing decision, leveraging 2D animation for social media is a step in the right direction for businesses. Any business owner would understand why it is vital to respond to consumer demand, and in the age of globalization where consumers have unlimited choices and alternatives, businesses that respond the quickest to these trends can make the most out of them. Discover extra information on #animation video.

Event recaps may seem like a no-brainer, but they can be great assets for both existing and potential clients. Existing clients are able to benefit from a summary of takeaways from the event and may be able to ‘ride the high’ by engaging in deeper conversations with you as a result. Potential clients may also benefit from developing a greater interest in your business. Ultimately, showing the event’s scale or reputable partners can also help to build your own reputation. These videos should be pushed out as soon as possible to continue building on the momentum generated by your event.

Hand-drawn style: This style relies on using a hand to draw information while a narrator’s voiceover echoes the on-screen action. Whiteboard animation: This style offers a clean, uncluttered approach. Characters and graphic elements appear on-screen to illustrate the product being sold. In this winning example, the story is told by moving graphic elements while a crisp audio voiceover echoes the on-screen action. If you watch the entire video, you’ll notice that one scene also uses hand-drawn elements. The hand is also used in a different way – It’s used as a vignette within the storyline, instead of actually sketching out the entire story. Discover additional details on #explainer video.