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Top rated Google sheet inventory application with

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Inventory management for Google sheets today? GEAR is a Google Sheets based inventory app builder that links with Barcode scanning on iOS, Android and desktop. GEAR NBS helps you to create an inventory software app for things like physical goods, parts or even real estates. Just like a Google Form, it allows you to create a form with fields specifically designed for asset management purposes. Once this is done, the Google Sheet is then connected as your database! Enter all inventory details effortlessly, whether you’re at the warehouse or on the go. Read extra info at barcode inventory software. Record your essential inventory data into the Google Sheet in real-time and enjoy functions such as graphing data. Storage of your assets remains in the Cloud for secured privacy.

Confidently operate knowing your assets are safe and secure in the built-in Google Cloud Platform with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. Customizable forms for flexibility. Rename text fields, automatic timestamps, drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, ability set required and optional fields, and more. Ability to access Google Sheet’s features such as charts, formulas, and scripts. Also, expand to web console with inventory suite.

A rescan and submit on form changes will update the barcode number with the new information and the current status of the equipment is easily seen on the “Barcode Scanner” tab of the spreadsheet. All previous scans and latest scans can be viewed in the “History” tab of the spreadsheet. This keeps an accurate record of equipment availability, movement, and equipment tracking.

Use Google Add-on with your barcode data: The barcode scanner for Google Sheets is a complete inventory management program wherein you will almost never lose your data. Your information is secure and readily accessible making it effortless to complete your inventory workflow tasks. You can also use Google Sheets Add-on for printing barcode labels wherein it seamlessly works with your inventory management. It works with smartphones.

A laser scanner can be used with GEAR NBS on a desktop. Additionally, GEAR NBS’ desktop mode can be utilized in this situation. To switch the mobile web app to desktop mode, visit the GEAR NBS App at and then switch to desktop mode. On iOS device: Launch Safari and go to GEAR NBS (, Tap the “aA” icon before the address bar. Select “Request Desktop Website” from the menu. On Android device: Launch Chrome browser and go to GEAR NBS ( Right-click on the triple-dot menu at the top of the screen. Select “Desktop site” from the menu. Also we have a roadmap to implement the blockchain. The blockchain is a user-generated and decentralized ledger that enables the transfer of digital information or valuable assets through a secure, private, and reliable environment. Blockchain technology is based on peer-to-peer networks where blocks are created in order for transactions to be confirmed by nodes across the network so users can track them. See extra info on