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Top folding knife online shopping Kyiv

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Top rated folding knife online shopping in Kyiv: SteelClaw has never stood still and has constantly delighted its customers with a wide range of both simple, classic and reliable, as well as innovative models of knives. The catalog of this store contains a large number of not only clumsy and folding knives, but also other useful tools: sharpening tools, multi-tools, throwing weapons, Chinese replicas , stilettos. SteelClaw online store offers the following types of knives: for tourists; for hunters; clumsy and folding ; flick – with frontal and side unfolding of the blade; microtech; butterfly CS GO. Discover additional info on

Microtech Knives has been around since 1994. They pride themselves on making high-end knives with US materials. Most of their products are made in-house. They highlighted their new Microtech MSI, which stands for Microtech Standard Issue. They had many requests for a manual folding knife, so that is how the MSI came into being. What’s most unique about is its patent-pending Ramlock locking mechanism. The beauty of the MSI is the MSRP. It will list for around $250, but it could go lower if they do an injection-molded handle.

According to Simon Moore in his book, Penknives and Other Folding Knives, the slipjoint – a mechanism that uses spring tension to keep a pocket knife blade extended – was invented sometime around the mid-1600s in England. Undeniably a titanic influence on pocket knives and a major part of their advancement, the slipjoint is still widely used today – even by more recently established modern knife makers, such as The James Brand. Slipjoint folding knives became widely popular with scholars and authors, to the point that they were referred to as penknives, for their usefulness in thinning and pointing quills for use in writing.

Who uses a butterfly knife? This shape of the blades suggests that the main purpose of the butterfly knife is strong penetrating injections. In Europe and America, balisong knives appeared after the Second World War. They were brought by American and British sailors who were based in the Pacific region. What is a Butterfly Knife for? Training butterflies indicate the purpose of their existence already in the name. As a rule, this is an analogue or similarity of the original knife, but without the removed cutting edge. Such knives are intended for learning various flipping tricks.

Spyderco: Named for the spider-like appearance of founder Sal Glesser’s first invention, the Portable Hand, Spyderco has been producing folding knives since 1981. Based out of Golden, Colorado – a fact not-so-subtly stated on all of their knives – these folks have been on the forefront of some pretty important knife technologies, like using powder metallurgy in the production of their knives, and their unique design stands out in the pocket knife world.

The Benchmade Mini Adamas is a shrunken and updated version of one of Benchmade’s biggest and toughest folders, the Adamas. In the update, the Mini Adamas was blessed with CRUWEAR Steel, which is a great improvement. Benchmade also updated the full-size Adamas and sells both the full-size and the Mini. The old version had D2, which isn’t bad by any measure, but doesn’t hold a candle to CRUWEAR. There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of the Mini Adamas, because people had been asking for a smaller version of the original, and I can say that the Mini Adamas lived up to the hype—and actually outshined it.

Benchmade is a US knife manufacturer located in Oregon. They identified a few interesting knives for 2023, expanding on a few old favorites. Those knives include an expansion on the Shootout franchise, one of their most popular category of knives. They also have a new knife called the Narrows, and they added another knife added to the Immunity family. The Shootout was originally developed for the law enforcement community. It had a glass breaker with an out-the-front blade. What they recognized is that it’s a fantastic EDC knife. The out-the-front blade allows you to make a cut and then retract it without having to change your grip, allowing an economy of motion. They added a blue color option, offering all of the Shootout features without it looking overly tactical.