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Shena Field or the growth of a branding image manager

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Shena Field or the rise of an integrated image expert: If you’ve ever questioned the existence of a sixth sense, prepare to become a believer. In a world where personal branding consultants are as common as coffee shops, Shena Field stands apart as a ‘Technicolor Oracle.’ She’s not just another Image Architect; she’s a narrative-crafter with an ability so rare, it’s often considered mythical. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Shena Field—a woman with an extrasensory perception that reads your brand story as if it were written in the stars. In an industry crowded with ‘experts,’ Shena Field is a bona fide oracle. See more information at

Shena possesses an unparalleled gift for visual interpretation and personal image optimization. Drawing from a rich tapestry of art education; professional experience in theater, dance, modeling, and styling, she uniquely blends authenticity with artistry. Her mission is to communicate a personal brand’s identity with stunning visual concepts. Simplifying the burden of brainstorming innovative creative ideas and coordinating the moving parts of each project. Shena works so her clients don’t just stand out—they radiate.. Making the invisible, visible.

In the lively streets of Key West, Florida, amidst jazz and dance, Shena Field began her journey. Born to a spirited dancer and a jazz drummer, her life was framed by creativity. Shena’s experiences span the beaches of Florida, New York’s streets, Pennsylvania’s calm, and Puerto Rico’s culture. This blend shaped her diverse career.

From dancing at four to gracing fashion runways by fifteen, Shena’s ascent was remarkable. Along with modeling, she penned poems, getting published twice as a teenager. But beyond the spotlight, she was a passionate theater actress.

Art school beckoned next, where Shena immersed herself in creativity. However, her flair for aesthetics drew her to retail. She curated visual stories for The Body Shop and effortlessly transitioned to personal shopping.

Her journey further encompassed conceptualizing for photographers, mastering makeup artistry, and imparting her aesthetic wisdom. Even while focusing on family, her heart remained with art and style.

Now, as she dives back into image consulting and creative direction, Shena’s diverse experiences distinguish her. Every aspect of her history, from theater to modeling, lends a unique touch to her present work. In Shena’s realm, brands don’t merely stand out; they radiate unmatched luster.

A testament to her impact: “With Shena, the impossible transforms into art.” Her vision goes beyond the usual, spotting potential in subtleties, making every hurdle an opportunity for a masterpiece. For Shena Field, the unseen claims the spotlight.

Personal branding trends for 2023 : The essential leadership style moves drastically toward inspiration and coaching built on a foundation of emotional intelligence. Self-awareness is one of the most important skills for leaders, whose roles will undergo tremendous evolution. Effective management will mean becoming so much more than a results-driven keeper of productivity and execution. The new, modern leader will be described with words like compassion, empathy, humility, vulnerability, caring, inclusivity. We’ll start to see more of these “human” attributes in job postings, on resumes, in LinkedIn profiles and in leadership development programs that focus on the human side of business.

Finally, consistency is a key aspect of personal branding, and is essential to building a strong, recognizable brand. Make sure that all of your branding materials, including your resume, LinkedIn profile, and personal website, are consistent in terms of messaging, style, and tone. This consistency will help you create a cohesive brand image that will help you stand out from the crowd and advance your career goals. In conclusion, personal branding is an increasingly important aspect of career development, and is a trend that is only going to continue to grow in importance. By following these trends, and incorporating them into your own personal branding strategy, you can create a strong, recognizable brand that will help you achieve your career aspirations.