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Achieve PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate guides

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Get PMP certificate advices? Find a study peer! Find someone you know that wants to take the PMP exam as well. Tell the people that you study with that you are preparing for the exam and don’t hesitate to ask them questions. Share study notes and compare your exam results with your study peers. During breaks, try online PMP games. It is more effective to retain knowledge when you engage in a game. So do PMP flashcards, PMP crosswords, and other interesting and engaging tests.

If you decide to go for the mock test, make sure to review all your answers and look consult the PMBOK Guide for clarifications. Don’t make it about the number of mock exams you take, but rather about the knowledge you were able to gain, in the process. A PMP exam passer said you need to score more than 70 percent in your mock test, to get a good shot at passing the actual PMP exam. In the real world, you likely employ different strategies in managing your projects. Project management experience, however, will not be enough to answer the PMP exam well.

How to Pass PMP or How to Get PMP? There are many ways to get your PMP certification. Go for the heavy books, memorize them, sit for PMP trainings on your weekend, sit in the long, sleepy PMP video on demand trainings and still have the unsurety of passing the exam. Get PMP dumps, PMP practice exams, PMP review material and try to memorize hundreds of questions and still fear of forgetting some and getting new questions as PMP changes very frequently. Find even more details at

How much similar were the questions in the real PMP exam when you considered? Questions provided by Master of Project Academy are very useful as it tests your understanding of each topic. In the PMP Exam, very few questions were identical. However, questions that weren’t identical, they already got covered through online material and exam simulator as crux or concept remains the same, language may differ.

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