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Home detox advices and UK detox services

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Searching for help with your addiction problems? Here are several detox advices and some recommendations for people in the UK regarding home detox assistance.

Before you decide to go through alcohol withdrawal, it’s a good idea to write yourself a letter and keep it nearby for quick reference. The content of the letter should be encouraging and it should remind you why you are going through the challenge of detox in the first place. When you are feeling tempted, pull the letter out and read it to yourself. It’s even helpful to read it out loud as this has been shown to help you retain the information more effectively. Read it as many times as you need during the process. Get a small container and put some meaningful items in that container. These items should be representative of things that keep you grounded and stable. Put whatever you like in the container. Its purpose is to remind you of life without alcohol and why you entered recovery in the first place. During your withdrawal, you will often feel like it’s not worth the pain. Your first aid kit will help you stay focused and determined to succeed.

For example, research from the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry demonstrates that sometimes, low-dose, long-term use of benzodiazepines can still result in dangerous withdrawal symptoms, despite the low dosage levels. Additional circumstances that contribute to the level of withdrawal response include other physical health conditions that the individual may have, age, simultaneous addictions to other substances, and whether or not the individual has previously tried to quit using and relapsed. For the alcohol and benzo withdrawal symptoms listed above, their severity generally depends on the amount of the substance that was regularly consumed and the duration of the addiction. Heavier use and longer periods of use tend to result in more severe withdrawal reactions. However, the response of a given individual may not be predicted solely on this information.

Is addiction taking over your life? Do you rely on alcohol or drugs to get through each day? Is a loved one struggling to beat their addiction? Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is the best way to break the addiction, and get onto the road to recovery. If attending a rehab clinic for treatment is not an option you can consider, detoxing from drugs or alcohol at home with our proven detoxification treatment programmes. Home Detox by Steps+ has all the benefits of a residential rehab programme, including access to medical and psychological support. With our home detox programme, you don’t need to leave home to get the help you need. Read extra info on

When it comes to options for a detox, a key consideration is the degree of expertise that will be available to patients during their detox period. Before deciding to use a particular provider, it’s important to take a look at the qualifications and experience of the individuals who will be responsible for your care whilst you detox. An ideal mix will include both medical specialists (for example doctors and nurses) who will be able to help you manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal, as well as mental health specialists (such as counsellors and psychotherapists), who will be able to help you with the psychological and behavioural problems associated with withdrawal.

Home Detox is part of the Steps group, and has one simple objective: to help as many people as possible to start the best possible journey to recovery. There is no better place to begin your treatment. With over 15 years of helping patients recover from the challenges of addiction and other co-occurring disorders, Steps provides an unparalleled range of services delivered by a complete team of qualified and passionate individuals. Steps is a UK detox support programme which takes addicts through a series of recovery steps, including treatment and ongoing support, so that the sufferer might break free of their addiction. The Home Detox programme is part of the Steps network. It helps addicts throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. All Steps counsellors and advisors are fully trained and hold relevant qualifications. We have medical staff, counsellors and psychologists available, who consult with us on the best patient programmes and offer valuable input into your Home Detox recovery plan. Read more details on