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Posts published in “Education”

How to achieve a perfect GMAT score

Patrick Moreau 0

Let’s make a post today on how to get a very good GMAT score and, as a result, we will give a few tips about all GMAT questions, focusing on…

Comprehensive guide to yoga training

Marie Poppins 0

Best yoga courses and several tips, this appears like a popular topic in 2019. Stress is up, life is complicated, more problems clouds our mind and yoga seems the best…

The Music Educator and extra learning info

Patrick Moreau 0

Today we talk about extra teaching tips, with a focus on Teacher Toolkit. Successful teachers are reflective: In order to avoid becoming the stuck and stubborn teacher, successful educators take…

Chiang Mai leadership corporate training

Patrick Moreau 0

Looking for Bangkok leadership corporate training to improve you or your teams skill levels ? Corporate Training has become the need of the hour. Businesses that wish to survive the…

NLP master practitioner training in Thailand

Patrick Moreau 0

Looking for NLP life coaching to improve you or your teams skill levels ? It helps you become more self-aware – you get to know who you are – your…